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The next Congress is scheduled for Spring 2022 in Florence
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entitle free participation at the Congress and at the online activity (in Italian)

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Association for Pediatric Oral Surgery (APOS)

The Association for Pediatric Oral Surgery (APOS) was established as a meeting place for those who want to share their experience and solutions in the field of children's oral surgery and in that of orthodontic patients.

Growing patients have received growing attention in recent years: Pedodontics has made giant steps and cooperation between surgeons and orthodontists has been enhanced.

Oral surgery in young patients is not minor surgery, as it presents a number of complexities concerning psychological aspects, the need for a multidisciplinary approach, growth expectations and age-specific developmental disorders.

General anaesthesia is used less for oral surgery due to a more careful psychological approach, to the evolution of local anaesthesia and sedation techniques, but even more so to the new surgical techniques, which must be customised according to the specific pathologies of young patients.

Third Congress

Spring 2022

News and Update

Innovative surgical technique of clinical interest.

11 Keynote Speakers

Authoritative speakers with multidisciplinary experiences.

Multilingual Support

Simultaneous English translation will be provided.

APOS online

APOS offers a program of online meetings reserved for members.
We hope that this initiative can contribute to our professional growth while waiting to resume the activity in person.
For members you will be contacted to participate in videoconferences.

Schedule of online meetings

Saturday 19th December 2020

10:00 - 11:30

Accorgimenti per affrontare la Chirurgia Orale Pediatrica in sicurezza

Saturday 27 February 2021

10:00 - 11:30

Timing in Chirurgia Orale Pediatrica

Chirurgia estrattiva: decidui infraocclusi, sovrannumerari e germi degli ottavi

Saturday 24th April 2021

10:00 - 11:30

Lesioni radiotrasparenti dei mascellari in età pediatrica e nell'adolescenza

Conoscenza delle patologie e piani di trattamento razionali

Provisional scientific program



Presentation of the Congress

Roberto Barone - Carlo Clauser

Lower third molar germectomy

Are there still valid indications for germectomy?
Surgical techniques at different growth stages


Carlo Clauser - Giliana Zuccati - Graciela Righetti - Cassio Josè Fornazari Alencar

Impacted dilacerated incisor

Two-step mucogingival surgery
Controlled root fracture
Surgical repositioning


Carlo Clauser - Angelo Baleani

Selection of news with high clinical impact from recent literature

Winners of the Poster Contest 2019

Alice Ronchetti
Lingual supernumerary tooth extraction
Ioulia Arapi
Unusual location of a supernumerary tooth in the anterior maxilla

Saturday April 24th, 2021

Francesco Cairo

Reconstructive Mucogingival Surgery in Orthodontic Patients

Francesco Cairo

Reconstructive Mucogingival Surgery in Orthodontic Patients


Roberto Barone - Angelo Baleani

Pathologies specific to infancy and adolescence

Impacted second molars
When is forced eruption indicated?
When is surgical removal indicated?
Which are the best surgical techniques?



Scientific program with speakers of international relevance.

  • Roberto Barone
    Roberto Barone

    Roberto Barone

  • Carlo Clauser
    Carlo Clauser

    Carlo Clauser

  • Angelo Baleani
    Angelo Baleani

    Angelo Baleani

  • Giliana Zuccati
    Giliana Zuccati

    Giliana Zuccati

  • Graciela Adriana García Righetti
    Graciela Adriana García Righetti

    Graciela Adriana García Righetti

  • Cassio Josè Fornazari Alencar
    Cassio Josè Fornazari Alencar

    Cassio Josè Fornazari Alencar

  • Alice Ronchetti
    Alice Ronchetti

    Alice Ronchetti

  • Ioulia Arapi
    Ioulia Arapi

    Ioulia Arapi

  • Francesco Cairo
    Francesco Cairo

    Francesco Cairo

Poster session

Poster session candidature

During the Congress, an area will be dedicated to the exhibition of posters.

Among the presented posters, three Authors will be selected for an oral presentation of 10 minutes in length in the main hall in the 2023 Congress.

Rules for poster submission

  • Topic: Pediatric Oral Surgery
    Mail a copy of the poster to: apos.firenzegmailcom
  • Posters and videos will be selected by a Commettee among the abstracts received by the secretariat.
  • Notification of acceptance to authors: 31 January 2022.
  • Final acceptance implies the registration of the presenting Author.
  • Posters have to be printed on paper sheets 120 (h) x 80 cm (47 x 31 inches).

Submission deadline: october 15th, 2021.

The conference venue is under definition

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For Affiliate Fellows, a document certifying the status of student or medical doctor under training will be requested during the participation to the congress.


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